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Early diagnostic investigation and treatment can prevent their progression and may reduce the risk for secondary diseases. The therapeutic spectrum for varicose veins includes conservative as well as interventional Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis surgical methods.

Because it is minimally invasive and well-tolerated, sclerotherapy represents an important treatment method for venous insufficiency, recurrent varicosis Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis venous malformations. We review the role of sclerotherapy as Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis treatment option of chronic venous insufficiency in dermatology. Women are treated three times more frequently than men [ ]. Typical symptoms possibly indicating a venous insufficiency Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis the feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling, calf Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis and increased occurrence of spider veins [ 4, 7 ].

Sclerotherapy was firstly described in and represents an important therapy option for Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis treatment of insufficient veins, recurrent varicosities and venous malformations.

Since its introduction, the choice of sclerosing Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis as well as the injection techniques have undergone continuous development [ 7, 8 ]. Check this out diagnosis and intervention may provide symptomatic relief, prevent secondary complications, improve hemodynamics and support an aesthetic and functionally good result [ 3 ]. Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis often consult dermatologists for unsightly vessels, which may indicate an underlying, more severe venous problem.

Even though it is common practice to treat these spider veins and reticular veins with laser or sclerotherapy, we recommend first doing further diagnostic measures in order to clarify a possible chronic venous insufficiency. This investigation may also identify post-thrombotic sequelae and anatomical anomalies.

It is essential to rule out possible contraindications such as severe systemic diseases, acute deep vein thrombosis, local infections, immobility, severe arterial occlusive disease and a symptomatic patent foramen ovale before treatment with sclerosing agents. In our opinion an individual decision must be reached during pregnancy and breast feeding, as well as when late diabetic complications, bronchial asthma, thrombophilia and an allergic diathesis are Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis, as all are relative contraindications [ 3 ].

Based on the data currently available and according to our own experience, we recommend liquid sclerotherapy for spider veins and reticular veins. In Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis of insufficient perforating veins, trunk or side branch varicosities, recurrent Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis, varicosis of the Krampf Grund vein as well Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis mit Krampfadern, wie eine Dusche machen case of venous malformations, foam sclerotherapy has proven its worth [ 3, 7 ].

The chronic leg ulcer ulcus cruris venosum is one of the complications feared with severe venous insufficiency. Sclerotherapy of peri-ulcer varicose veins can also be performed in case of advanced post-thrombotic syndrome with oral anticoagulation [ ]. Data from retrospective studies have shown no increased risk for neither Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis mother nor the unborn child [ 13 ]. Two techniques have been established for the production of sclerosant foam.

In the Tessari technique, the foam is produced via two syringes containing the sclerosing agent and air, which are connected with a three-way valve allowing rapid pumping back and forth.

Air is recommended to be used as gas component; alternatively a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen at a ratio of 1: 4 may this web page used. The maximum foam volume should not exceed 10 ml per treatment and leg [ 3 ].

When properly implemented, sclerotherapy has few side effects and thus offers a safe minimally-invasive treatment option for varicose veins.

Other, more common side http://healthmy.de/venen-und-trophischen-geschwueren.php include local skin necrosis, thrombophlebitis, local pain, hematoma and hyperpigmentation [ 3 ]. A thorough clarification concerning the possible risks and side effects with final written consent is essential [ 3 ]. The experiences of practicing sclerotherapists are regularly summarized and published [ 14 ]. For an efficient obliteration of the more info saphenous vein vena saphena magna by direct puncture it is advisable to perform the vein puncture at the proximal http://healthmy.de/strumpfhosen-fuer-schwangere-von-krampfadern-preis.php, for the treatment of the small saphenous vein vena saphena parva the puncture should be performed article source the proximal or medial calf.

Several punctures of the same vein may be performed per treatment session [ 14 ]; the used amount of sclerosant has to be adapted to the degree of varicosis as Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis as to the individual risk profile of the patient.

We recommend prophylaxis with low molecular Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis heparin or Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis for patients with an increased risk of thrombosis [ 3, 14 ]. The anticoagulation has no effect on the efficacy Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis the end results of sclerotherapy [ 3, 10, 11 ]. In order to obtain a homogenous foam with fine bubbles it is advisable to start the foam production immediately prior to the injection [ 3 ].

We recommend a compression therapy following sclerotherapy. The compression should be started with some delay in order to avoid displacing the foam Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis 3 ]. There is no consensus concerning a possible benefit of compression treatment following sclerotherapy. Patients treated with foam should be seen 1 and 4—12 weeks after sclerotherapy, patients treated for spider veins or reticular veins after 3—4 weeks [ 3 ].

Sclerotherapy is well-established in the treatment of insufficient veins, recurrent varicosities and venous malformations. Very Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis spider veins and varicose veins can be treated successfully within only a few sessions needing a low number of injections and small Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis of sclerosant [ 3 ].

According to the experience of practicing sclerotherapists, liquid sclerotherapy is recommended for spider veins mit Schwimmen Krampfadern reticular veins whereas foam sclerotherapy is advisable for perforating veins, trunk and side branch varicosity as well as for recurrent varicosities, varicose pudendal veins, peri-ulcer veins and venous malformations [ 3 ].

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Differential diagnosis and therapy of leg ulcers. Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis Dtsch Dermatol Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis ; 9 : — 51 ; quiz Sclerotherapy in an undetected pregnancy — a Empfehlungen Thrombophlebitis Vasa ; 41 : — wie die Vene für Krampfadern ziehen. Articles related to the Krampfadern Acetylsalicylsäure you wie d'Arsonval mit Krampfadern verwenden viewing Please enable Javascript to view the related content of this continue reading

THERAPEUTIC. STRATEGIES IN THROMBOSIS Steen Dalby Kristensen, Raffaele De Caterina and David J. Moliterno Editors CLINICAL PUBLISHING THERAPEUTIC.

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